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Wisdom for Life Skills  (WFLS)

The Wisdom for Life Skills Mentoring Programme is a Kingdom based discipleship programme that aims to teach kingdom principles to empower you to take authority, be successful and live a fulfilled.


The following areas are: See below

WFL Skills 1– Money Management (Managing Money The Kingdom Way)

Dealing with and Understanding Debt?

Principles of Sowing & Reaping

Managing Your Money Now

Creating Money for Future Purpose


WFL Skills 2 – Emotional Well Being (Being of Sound Mind)

Understanding and Overcoming Fear

Free from Pain

Love Thyself

Anger Management

Anxiety & Peace

Depression, Habits and Addiction

Life after Abuse


WFL Skills 3 - Coping Skills (Understanding Your Kingdom Authority)

How to Problem Solve in Daily Living

Dealing with Change

Balancing Your Life (Work & Life Balance)


WFL Skills 4 - Leadership (The Inherent Leader)

Setting Goals and Action Planning for Purpose

Discovering Your Vision & Mission

Discovering Your Gifts

Kingdom Steps to Time Management


WFL Skills 5 – Relationship Matters

Dealing with Cultural Barriers

Disagreements & Conflicts


The Power of Submission

The Five Languages of Love

Your Role – The Wife

Your Role – The Husband

Understanding Boundaries


WFL Skills 6 – Personality Skills (Your Spirit, Soul & Body)

Embracing Your Real Story

You! Spirit, Soul & Body

Wearing Inner Confidence





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