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The Pioneer's Mentoring Franchise Programme (PMFP)

The Pioneer Mentoring for Purpose Franchise Programme will seek to apply the following activities to assist you to launch a Kingdom focused training programme using the TEACH – TRAIN – EMPOWER principle.  


As a pioneer you are first called to a continuous job of  reconciling your relationship with God, mentor others to reconcile their own relationship with God, administrating the daily affairs of His vision as a faithful steward.


This is a new concept applying an established principle.

Some of the benefits you gain from taking the programme are:


1.    To discover who you are in Christ and how your authority, role and positioning is  

       important in the Kingdom


2.     To identify your gifts and how to use them in your community, thereby knowing

        your God given purpose


3.     To discover the strategic plan for building


4.     To develop your skills and techniques in mentoring and discipline others to  

       understand their mission and their purpose.


5.     To understand that leadership is about serving and using your gifts to serve



6.     To understand your mandate as a steward of resources


7.     To understand the true meaning and activity of leadership



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PMFP Process2

The Process

             you to discover your essence and your rightful positioning and how to use it as a kingdom minded purposeful individual, adhering to your leadership skills and qualities.  


            you to mentor, coach and prepare your necessary resources to train others to fulfil their divine purpose.


                    you to practically launch your own training, coaching and mentoring programme/business, adhering to and applying the qualities of stewardship.  


The programme will enable you to build and empower nations to fulfil their purpose by mentoring them to discover their identity and their Kingdom mandate and release them into a divine strategy for producing and being fruitful.


Not only will you launch your own programme but you will also have access to deliver the Leadership Mentoring for Purpose Programme as a foundational programme alongside other discipleship, mentoring and personal developmental programmes that seek to empower, encourage and build nations from the inside out to become pioneers in their environment, community and wider environment.










The launching out programme will offer the following:


•   Developing  and producing a signature programme

•   Practical training as a trainer, mentor

•   The Leadership Mentoring for Purpose Pack





•  A Mentor’s Forum for support and share best practices.

•  A 2 year contract delivering the LMPP Programme which can be renewed if you wish to continue


The programme is accredited and all mentees will receive the ASDAN Award for Leadership & Peer Mentoring on completion as well as The Institute for Leadership & Management (ILM).

This programme can be accomplished if you’re working, in transition or simply looking for a career change.


To find out more, please click here to complete the signup form.



o  Facilitator’s Manual

o  Mentees Workbook

o  Train the Trainer Programme